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Radio Pills

Un proyecto del Departamento de Inglés (Competencia Comunicativa Oral) para RadioMola

María Nieves Abellán Moll

As we did in previous years, in IES La Mola we devote some of our time to work with Project Based Learning (PBL) techniques. Last year the aim was to deepen the idea of MOVING and it’s clear that our students did it from different subjects!

Now the target has been to create a radio station and to broadcast our own radio program online or in streaming. To do so, students became qualified reporters, script writers, sound technicians and presenters! They managed with interviews, documentaries, news or music sections, adverts, spots or gingles, to be able to produce a good product: RADIOMOLA.

In our subject, Oral Communicative Competence (CCO 4o), we tried to make our peers in La Mola become BETTER CITIZENS. That’s why we decided to promote a radio social awareness advertising campaign. Therefore, students designed their radio spots on drugs or alcohol abuse, animal rough handling, gender violence, bullying at school, consumerism or environmental damage.

Moreover, we wanted to ENTERTAIN our listeners too, and so they also created a section called LA MOLA TODAY, where they offered different current news headlines which could be fake or real.

Finally, they also wanted to amuse their mates with questions like DID YOU KNOW THAT...? with which they showed them lots of things about our highschool, teachers, students, history, our village, general culture or even English language, which they might be unaware of.

All three type of items were recorded using the tool AUDACITY, and later they were released in different radio slots during the broadcast of the programs. So our final product were RADIO PILLS.

We hope you may learn and have a lot of fun!

Panel del Proyecto RadioPills en la exposición de la Jornada de Socialización de RadioMola - Abril 2019

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